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Terryl Payne - Financial Expert and Advisor

Financial Expert and Advisor of 15M Finance


Terryl Payne is a financial expert and advisor at 15M Finance, passionate about empowering consumers to achieve financial success. He is a highly regarded professional with years of experience. Terryl has earned a reputation for his strategic insights, unwavering dedication, and commitment to helping his clients and readers secure their financial futures.

Thanks to the CPWA® Certification Program, he gained knowledge in tax strategies and planning, portfolio management, asset protection, and risk management. Now, he is writing and consulting about various financial topics, including different types of loans, personal loans, short-term financing, and wealth management.


Terryl’s journey into the world of finance began by majoring in fields that are fundamental to the financial industry. He started considering a financial career while studying for a degree in Finance and Technology at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. He was naturally able to figure out complex financial ideas. And together with his strong schooling, it laid the foundation for his impressive career.

Career Milestones

After graduating in 2005, Payne immediately delved into finance, working as a financial counselor and wealth management expert with notable financial organizations, such as Cantrell Financial Services, WillowPointe Wealth Management – UBS Financial Services Inc., and Mariner Finance.

Between 2007 and 2013, he sharpened his skill in investment strategies and the teaching of financial literacy, thereby building a deep understanding of the complexities of the worldwide financial business sectors.

From January 2013 to December 2022, Terryl worked at Smart Asset as a financial counselor and finance content editor. He also participated in many charities that help low-income Americans improve their financial literacy.


Terryl Payne is shrewd with cash and consistently plans to convey surprising outcomes in his profession, making him a recognized expert in this particular domain. He is great at understanding how cash functions, creating creative financial methodologies, and customized solutions for every client.

Payne has helped many consumers and organizations during troublesome financial crises. His clients value him for the individual consideration he gives and how he can make sense of confounded money matters.

Contribution to 15M Finance

Terryl joined the 15M Finance team in January 2023. His commitment to financial education reaches past his expert duties. He participates in different financial classes and online courses together with other company experts. He imparts his insight and skill to hopeful money experts and energetic students. His bits of knowledge and finance tips have contacted a wide crowd, assisting Americans with settling on informed conclusions about their funds and ventures.