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E-consent refers to all electronic data, signatures, disclosures, electronic records, and documents. Get acquainted with the information below and make sure you fully understand the conditions stipulated. By visiting this page and using our services, you consent to complete online transactions using your electronic data.


When submitting a loan request, your lender will ask for your consent to your electronic information. It can be done via the information on their website or a separate email. Once you are provided the resources, you confirm agreeing with the terms. By confirming your E-Consent, you allow lenders to process your information according to their policies and interact with the data provided.

Consent to Electronic Business Interaction

When using your electronic devices to apply for a loan, lenders may require all applicants to meet their minimum hardware and software requirements for a successful interaction. Some essential items are a PDF file reader and Internet access using a web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. You may request a complete list of requirements from your direct lender.

Consent Withdrawal

If you disagree with the conditions of the E-Consent, you may withdraw it. Be aware that if you do so before receiving your funds, your lender may not complete the deposit. Contact your direct lender to withdraw your current E-Consent and keep in mind that the validity of the electronic disclosures preceding it will not be affected.

Updating Your Contact Details

Should there be any changes with your contact information (email, physical address, phone number), you have to update your lender via their website or through a separate email.


By clicking on the link relevant to the E-Consent disclosure, you confirm acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions. You thus authorize all actions necessary for electronic business interaction. Opting against the E-Consent by clearly stipulating so means that you don’t permit the use of your electronic signature, and you cannot receive products or services from direct online lenders.