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$3,000 loan

Get a $3,000 Loan with Fast Approval

Get Fast Approval and Easy Access to $3,000

15M Finance can help you get a $3,000 loan without the hassle of conventional options. Whether you have bad or good credit, there’s a trusted loan provider in our network to tide you over. Our online application and fast approval processes are designed for your stress-free borrowing experience. Need money today? We’re here to meet your demand without affecting your credit score.

What Do We Offer?

Fast access to loan offers

Check loan offers in just a few minutes by filling out our online application form.

Competitive interest rates

Our lenders compete for the opportunity to offer you the best loan possible.


We work with licensed and reputable lenders only and always keep track of them to make sure there are no criminal actions taken against our customers.

Responsible lending practices

We act in our borrowers’ best interests and always make sure they get affordable loan options with transparent terms and conditions.

No impact on your credit score

Most lenders in our database make only a soft credit check to prevent your FICO score from going down.

Apply for a 3,000 Dollar Loan with Bad Credit

Whatever your credit type, 15M Finance can help you get back on track. Our partner lenders are not focused on your credit history, so you can pre-qualify with both good and poor credit. If approved, the money will be in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

$3,000 loans from 15M Finance are flexible borrowing options with convenient repayment terms. You can pay them off in affordable monthly installments within 12 to 60 months. The exact term depends on your preferences and the particular lender’s policy.

Get a $3,000 Loan Quickly And Easily

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How Much Does a $3,000 Loan Cost?

Although $3,000 loans may seem more affordable than payday loans due to convenient repayment schedules, they also come with higher total interest costs because of their longer terms. Most 3,000 dollar loans have an interest cap that is set at 36%. However, it’s not a fixed value. Some bad credit options can come with an annual percentage rate between 16% and 100%. Your loan rate will depend on your credit score.

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Representative Example

Strong credit history: If you’re going to obtain $3,000 for 24 months, your overall interest paid will be $386, based on a 12% APR. Thus, the total loan cost will be $3,389. Fair credit: When borrowing $3,000 for 24 months and at 20% APR, you should expect to pay nearly $664.5 in interest. The total loan cost will be $3,664.5. Bad credit: Borrowers with bad or poor credit scores can count on getting $3,000 for 24 months at 36% APR. This way, the overall interest paid will be $1,251. The total loan cost will be $4,251.

Note: Calculations above are approximate, based on the average interest rates. A lender may set an interest rate different from those in the example. This way, your loan cost will vary too.

Where Can I Get a $3,000 Personal Loan Fast?

Although you can find many lenders with personal loan offers, not all of them can meet your urgent money needs. If you turn to your local bank or credit union, it may take you about a week to get approved and receive the funds. That is why borrowers often turn to online lenders that can provide them with needed amounts in as little as 24 hours.

Pros And Cons of $3,000 Loans

Here are some strong and weak points of $3,000 personal loans for bad credit:


Online application process that takes you 5 minutes; Your credit score is not decisive; You don’t need to put up collateral; No limits on your loan purpose; Flexible loan terms with affordable payments; No hard credit checks; Money funding within one business day.


An interest rate may be higher than average; It takes months to repay the debt; Can potentially affect your credit score in case of default or late payments.

I Need $3,000 Now. How Can I Get The Money?

Getting a $3,000 personal loan never was so easy! Here are a few steps to take to get the best deal possible:

Pre-qualify online

Click on the “Apply now” button and fill out a simple loan request form.

Get a response from a lender

It will respond to you within 1 hour via email.

Accept a loan offer

To do this, read and sign your loan contract.

Get the funds

The loan amount will be in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

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Am I Eligible for a $3,000 Loan?

When applying for loans online through 15M Finance, you will be asked to meet a few basic eligibility criteria:

Be over the age of 18; Have US citizenship; Have a valid checking account; Specify your income and employment status.


Can I Get a $3,000 Personal Loan with Bad Credit?

Banks and credit unions always set minimum credit score requirements, while others are not focused on borrowers’ credit histories. You can borrow $3,000 with a bad credit score if you find the right lender to deal with.

How Will I Repay My 3,000 Dollar Loan?

Most lenders will ask you to repay your $3,000 loan in fixed monthly payments. In most cases, a lender withdraws money from your checking account automatically on a monthly basis. But sometimes, you may be asked to visit the store.

Can I Legally Borrow $3,000 in My State?

$3,000 loans are legal in 34 states. In Montana, New Hampshire, and South Dakota, they are also allowed with restrictions. At the same time, some of these states have caps on loan amounts that borrowers can obtain. For example, lenders can’t offer more than $255 for California borrowers. To know for sure whether $3,000 loans are legal in your area, check out your state law regulation.

Does 15M Finance Charge Any Fees for Using Its Platform?

Our service is 100% free! We don’t charge borrowers upfront for taking out loans through our platform. Only your direct lender can charge interest and fees from you.

Is 15M Finance a Third Party?

15M Finance is a connecting service that links borrowers with direct lenders. We don’t charge any third-party fees or any other upfront charges. Our service is designed to help people who don’t have much time to do their research and look for the right lender.