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Shania Brenson - Co-Founder & Financial Expert

Co-Founder & Financial Expert at 15M Finance


Shania Brenson always wanted to help people live their best life hassle-free. Her parents were teachers, and her grandfather was a pastor, so she grew up thinking that her purpose in life was to serve others. At the college, she realized how powerful lending tools could be for helping people get their lives back on track.

Shania is passionate about helping people to get guaranteed approval loans and find the right way to invest their money to make intelligent choices that will benefit them in the long run. That’s why Shania continued her efforts and started her career in the lending industry by working at various financial institutions. Now, she is a co-founder of 15M Finance – a connection service that helps Americans save their budget.


She studied economics and accounting at Texas State University, where she learned about how the economy works and how businesses can thrive. After graduating from college with a degree in economics and accounting, I knew that banking was where my passion lay. She worked for three years as a financial advisor in Texas, where she helped thousands of people reach a high level of financial literacy.

As a financial advisor, Shania Brenson worked at various lending institutions like the American National Bank of Texas and the Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union. Still, she wanted to lunch a start-up in this niche and bring the financial literacy of Americans to another level.

She launched 15M Finance, intending to empower people to manage their money more effectively and become more financially literate.

Professional Goals within the 15M Finance

Shania Brenson, a co-founder and financial expert with 15M Finance, is committed to ensuring that her clients can find the best 500 dollar loan for their needs. She has been working with the company for over a year and has helped dozens of people get the loans they need to start their businesses or pay off debts.

Shania’s favorite part of her job is getting to know each client personally and helping them understand how best to use their funds. As someone who has experienced many hardships in life, she knows what it’s like to have big dreams but not always be able to afford them.

She understands how hard it can be for people who are just starting out in life or have been struggling financially for years due to unexpected events such as medical emergencies or job loss. However, Shania Brenson strongly believes in helping others achieve their goals no matter what circumstances may stand in their way. She knows how much it means when someone believes in you enough to help you make something happen!

Final Thoughts

Shania Brenson is a financial expert passionate about helping people find the right loan for their circumstances. She believes everyone deserves to be treated fairly, and she’s dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to fair financial services.

When you work with Shania, you can expect her to empathize with and understand your needs. She understands that everyone has different goals, so she’ll work hard to find you the exact loan that will help fulfill yours.

If you need something or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach her at [email protected]