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Responsible Lending

15M Finance protects website users from unfair lending practices. To do so, we partner up with direct lenders who are authorized, transparent, and adhere to ethical business principles. We are transparent at all times, providing accurate, well-researched information. We treat all customers equally, without any bias, striving to deliver high-quality services.

Our Partners

Our partners

We take our partnerships seriously and only do business with reliable authorized direct lenders. Our database is constantly updated to ensure you get the top industry offers. When one of the lenders contacts you, make sure you check their details for extra protection. Your direct loan provider is the only entity that can accurately reply to all your inquiries. Please make sure you are familiar with their terms and conditions before signing a contract. Although lenders operate under state laws, they each add their own protocols and policies.

Credit Score

Credit Score

Higher credit scores usually help you get loans for longer terms and better rates. Direct lenders don’t typically run a hard credit check through the three major credit reporting bureaus. Thus, even applicants with poor credit scores may be approved for a loan. Sometimes, lenders may need to run a hard credit check, though, which can impact your score. Failing to pay off your debt on time will also affect your credit.

Delayed Payments

Timely loan repayment

Responsible borrowing means acting according to your contract, paying your loan on time, according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions. It’s essential to read the agreement before signing it and clarify any questions that you may have. If you cannot pay your lender on the due date, contact them immediately and notify them about the issue. Your loan provider is the most qualified person to advise you in any unknown situation. Lending providers have their policies and conditions. Depending on state laws, you may be allowed a rollover for an additional fee.