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Editorial Guidelines

At 15M Finance, our readers are our top priority. That is why we strive to explain complicated things in layman’s terms. Our editorial process revolves around providing up-to-date information from the lending industry and making it easy to understand. Our mission is to help readers navigate their financial life and make informed and confident financial decisions. Here are some editorial guidelines that our team follows.

Editorial Process

We strongly believe that fact-checking is essential when it comes to providing accurate information. Therefore, each publication you can find on our website is thoroughly reviewed in order to meet our high standards. Here’s how our editorial process goes:

Article writing

Our financial writers get certain topics to cover and create high-quality, informative, and useful content within the set deadlines.

Expert assessment and fact-checking

After a writer submits an article, our niche expert contributor reads it thoroughly and reviews the provided information for accuracy. We always double-check facts and figures to make sure our publications contain only relevant information with no mistakes, contradictions, or inconsistencies.


If needed, writers edit their texts in accordance with the expert’s comments.


When the text passes the final check, it is sent to our content managers for publishing.

Content updates

We closely monitor the situation in the lending industry to keep abreast of the latest news. When needed, we edit our posts and guides to actualize the information provided before.

How 15M Finance Maintains the Accurate Information on the Website

At 15M Finance, we believe that anyone who visits our website deserves to receive current and up-to-date information. This is how we maintain accuracy:

Website Checks

Our team makes an audit on a daily basis to ensure the information on our website is accurate.

Industry News

We made regular manual updates in order to provide our readers with accurate information on APRs, interest rates, loan terms, and other loan details. We thoroughly review the industry news and events and review data from our lending partners and official sources. This helps us provide timely edits in case of any current changes.

Key Editorial Principles


Accurate information is the basis of useful and relevant content. Our team understands the responsibility and always does careful research on the topic. We fact-check our articles to ensure the data, statistics, and figures we provide are correct.


We disclose all the information about loans and show them from different angles, so you can make an informed financial decision. Instead of holding back the truth and advertising financial products, we talk about them openly and honestly, letting you decide.


We use only credible and trusted sources of information and always provide. Our writers and contributors have extensive expertise in lending and personal finance.


Our content is not influenced by any advertisers. We share our knowledge based on our expertise and promote what we think is best for our readers.

Meet Our Team of Editors, Writers & Financial Experts

Shania Brenson

Shania Brenson – Co-Founder & Financial Expert

Shania Brenson is a graduate of Texas State University with a commitment to helping people. To reach her central motivating life purpose, she does her best to guide people through business and finance topics in order to help them make intelligent financial choices. Shania’s extensive working experience in the area of finance helped her create a company that supports Americans at the moment of need.

Kayla Harris

Kayla Harris – Personal Finance Writer and Expert Contributor

Kayla Harris is a personal finance writer, expert contributor, blogger, and personal finance coach who is passionate about helping communities, households, and individuals improve their financial future. Kayla obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Wisconsin and got her MBA in Finance at Michigan State University. Her extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the industry make her a strong authority who helps people make informed financial decisions.

Terryl Payne

Terryl Payne – Financial Expert and Advisor

Terryl Payne works at 15M Finance as a financial adviser and individual budget counselor. He assists clients with appropriately managing their finances. He has learned much about cash and how to help Americans go through their financial crisis. Now, Terryl writes informational content about financial literacy, loans, mortgages, and credit cards.