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Kayla Harris – Personal Finance Writer and Expert Contributor

Personal Finance Writer and Expert Contributor

About the Author

Kayla Harris is a finance writer and expert of 15M Finance that strives to make her business positively affect the community, individuals, and families. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a major in Finance and Financial Management. Kayla started to apply her knowledge while being a student, which helped her to cover her student debt a few years after graduating.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin, she got her MBA in Finance at Michigan State University. While studying, she got a part-time job at IAM Financial, where she met many self-employed business owners and professionals who felt lost and overburdened with their financial obligations. From that moment, Kayla started to apply her expertise to help people without special knowledge in finance understand their mistakes and take steps toward reaching their personal and business goals.


Kayla is a personal finance writer, expert contributor, blogger, and personal finance coach that educates readers and clients on topics like making informed decisions in lending and showcases her expertise in a way that’s both interesting and helpful.


Expert contributor of 15M Finance; Blogger and speaker; Personal finance coach; Freelance writer for financial newspapers.


Kayla’s career path started at IAM Financial, where she worked as a part-time assistant while obtaining her MBA at Michigan State University. After graduating, she quit that job and became a part of the team of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Iowa, where she assisted clients with credit and budget counseling.

While helping people reclaim their financial health at CCCS of Northeastern Iowa, she started to appear in local newspapers’ contributing articles as a freelance writer. Over time, Kayla started her personal finance blog in order to analyze the most common mistakes that average Americans make in a daily manner while managing their finances or borrowing direct deposit loans. She started to give people practical advice and offer smart ways to prevent a recurrence.

After six years at CCCS of Northeastern Iowa, Kayla joined our team in order to help people reach debt relief and start living their lives without stress. At 15M Finance, Kayla keeps giving individuals modern and wise pieces of advice based on her expertise in the field of lending, wealth management, and financial advisory.